Jacob Stone  3D Artist

Software/ Pipeline
    Autodesk Maya                         Xnormal                                            JIRA
    zBrush                                        Headus                                             Perforce
    Adobe Photoshop                     Unreal Engine 4
    Substance Painter                     PBR Texturing Pipeline

Work Experience

    Oculus: Contract Environment Artist (Farlands/ Oculus Home)                                                                02/16
    This was a short one month contract where I was brought on to help finalize a handful of projects. During my time there I was expected to have a quick ramp up time to help with a variety of tasks which included retexturing assets, creating a low poly model, unwrapping, backing and texturing premade high poly assets. Other tasks included helping tech art optimize scenes and set them up for simplygon. 
    343 Industries: Contract Hard Surface Artist (Halo 5: Guardians)                                                   08/13-12/15
    Worked close with Designers, UI Designers, FX Artists, Tech Artists, Map Leads, and Art Directors to make various props for campaign and multiplayer using a next-gen pipeline. I later moved to the multiplayer team where I worked closely with Design and Map Leads to help build out several environments that maintained game play flow while also sticking to technical limitations. Other tasked included working on bug fixing, polishing, and working close with Tech Artists to get maps running at 60 fps.

    Sony Online Entertainment (Daybreak Games): Artist 1 (Planetside 2)                                             11/11-07/13
    Worked close with Designers, UI Designers, Riggers, and Art Directors to model and texture various types of assets ranging from vehicles, cockpits, weapons, character attachments, and environment props for a next-gen PC engine. Along with modeling and texturing assets I was responsible for skinning various attachments to pre-existing vehicle skeletons and fixing any bugs related to vehicle art. Other tasks included going through outsourced assets and making sure they are set up properly and had all the appropriate texture sheets. 

    Sony Online Entertainment (Daybreak Games): Freelance Artist (Planetside 2)                                     06/11

    Art Institute of Portland -Game Art and Design                                                                                     10/08-12/11
Additional Work
    Game Jams                                                                                                                                                 1/10-10/14
    I've taken part in five Game Jams over the years, the most recent two I took the lead position for the art side of things and was responsible for working with everyone on the project to constantly monitor scope, art cohesion, and making sure everyone had what they needed so they could keep working as efficiently as possible.